Frame Modifications

Let's lose those cable stops.

For purely cosmetic reasons, I'm having the bike frame sandblasted and powder coated next week. But before it goes off to the shop, I'm reaming out the cable stops on the frame.

Many bikes used to have mostly exposed shifter cables. This does save a little weight (and probably cost), but leaves the cables exposed to the elements. The older 8-speed rear derailleur that was on the bike was quite tolerant of some extra cable friction, but not so the newer 12-speed rear derailleur that I will be using.

By reaming out the cable stops, I can use a continuous length of cable housing from the shifter to the derailleur. This will better keep the cable protected from grit and corrosion and the derailleur shifting precisely. I used a small power rotary tool, but some small files can also get the job doneā€”the frame is made of aluminum.

Here you can see one of the enlarged cable stops and how the cable housing fits right through it now.

enlarged cable stop

Now the frame is ready for powder coating.