Initial Shakedown

Well, I didn't die this time.

Yesterday, I finished reassembling the bicycle after powder coating; this afternoon I took it out for a shakedown ride around the 17-mile main loop at the Navajo Rocks area near Moab, Utah.

shakedown portrait

Overall things went pretty well, but a few things need attention:

  1. The rear hub sometimes makes an unpleasant sound when coasting. It sounds like the freehub needs some grease, so I'll have to pull it off and take a look.
  2. My seatpost slowly slips downwards. I'm currently using a quick-release clamp but I have a non-QR clamp on the way. This should be more secure as it does not have a plastic piece used as part of the clamp. If it continues to slip after that then I'll try some carbon paste or a soda can shim.
  3. My brake levers need a reach adjustment. The ESI Chunky grips are a little thicker than the old grips and the levers would be a little more comfortable to use if they were a little closer.
  4. The Viscoset is set up in a "mid-tune" configuration, meaning that there is room to increase the damping effect. During yesterday's ride it was essentially unnoticeable. After reading some other user comments about the Viscoset, I think I'll reconfigure it for maximum damping and try it that way.
  5. I'm thinking a 180mm rotor on the back might be a good idea.
  6. I could use a little lower gearing for the steep steep stuff, that 32T chainring sitting next to me is looking pretty attractive.
  7. Finally, I need to play with tire pressures a bit. Knowing that these are pretty cheap tires, I erred on the high side.

sunlit mesas

I'll try to address these issues in the next day or two and then give it another go.