Navigation Equipment

Navigation at Sandblast is done by way of a roll chart (a.k.a. route sheet or road book), so I need to mount a roll chart holder to the KTM. Since the roll chart will be a narrow enduro-style roll chart, I chose to use the Enduro Engineering roll chart holder. It is inexpensive and mounts easily to just about anything thanks to a clever mounting solution involving some bits of rubber hose and a hose clamp.

I've mounted the roll chart holder high on the nav tower, on the left side. This way I can advance the roll chart without taking my hand off the throttle.

In addition to the roll chart holder, I do generally have a GPS mounted to the bike to give me basic information like time and speed as well as the ability to display and record tracks. While Sandblast does not provide GPS tracks for navigation, knowing the time is pretty important and it will be interesting to overlay the tracks onto a map for later perusal.

I use a Garmin 62 GPS, mounted to the right of the roll chart reader in a locking, vibration-damping Touratech cradle. This keeps it easily visible when I'm riding and relatively secure when I'm parked.

roadbook reader and GPS cradle

I still need to pick up a cheap, simple digital watch to strap up front for timekeeping purposes. While the GPS has a clock, presumably accurate, I need a clock that I can synchronize to the official race time. Seconds matter!