Bringing It Home

Now that the KTM is street legal, it's time to get it from the storage unit where it lives over to my tiny garage. This means I need to ride the Crosstourer over to the storage unit, jump-start the KTM (since the battery is kaput), tuck the Crosstourer into the storage unit, and then ride the KTM back to my garage. No problem, right?

Well, I made it part of the way home before I turned off the choke and promptly killed the motor. Oops. The bike doesn't warm up very quickly in the near-freezing winter weather. There was not enough juice in the battery to restart the bike, so I called roadside assistance for a jump. Prepared for a long delay, I ordered a new battery while I sat there waiting for help to arrive.

waiting for roadside assistance

Fortunately, the tow truck showed up after only about twenty minutes. With a boost from a big battery, the bike started easily and I made it the rest of the way home without any issues.

The new battery should arrive next week.